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Paul Sweitzer Photography - Built To Serve You

Paul photography milwaukee, special events, birthday partiesWhen Jill and I launched the company a few years ago, we knew we had a winning formula. Fifteen years as a professional freelance photographer had ingrained in me what people want from photographers, and Jill's 25 years as a day-care teacher brought a compassionate touch and dedication that was a great foundation for our lofty customer service goals. Together we shaped our corporate identity around the following beliefs.

First, every customer has a different "wish list."  What's on your list? Plain and simple, we need to fill your photo wish list from top to bottom.

Secondly, people want to have fun. There are plenty of good photographers out there, lots of people who are good with a camera. What thins the herd in a hurry are personality and customer service. Every day customers tell us it's clear that we enjoy our work. We should, Jill and I are living our dream. That attitude is reflected in our photographers. No cranks or weirdos - only the best. We treat our friendly, creative shooters like gold, and in return they go all out for you.

Next, reputation is everything. Many years and thousands of satisfied customers can be wiped out by a handful of disgruntled customers. Our personal touch and dedication to each customer lifts us above the competition and keeps us out of the bad rep club. But...

Being a good photographer and a nice guy isn't enough these days. Customers want a quality product in various formats, they want it fast, inexpensive, delivered with a smile and without a snag. Our company is designed to meeting all those needs: Quality, personality, responsiveness, speed and value.

A quick Question and Answer (FAQ) comparison:

Q: Can I meet my photographer ahead of time?
PSP: We insist, before you ever sign a contract
OTHERS: Umm, we would rather not do that...

Q: Can I buy my negatives?
PSP: Yes, in most cases without ever buying a reprint from us
OTHERS: Only after you buy Big Bucks worth of reprints

Q: Do I get to keep my proofs?
PSP: Always, as part of your session fee
OTHERS: Only after you buy Big Bucks worth of reprints

Q: Do I have to buy a reprint package?
PSP: No, buy however much you want and can afford
OTHERS: Packages start at $250 or more

Q: How fast will I get back my proofs and reprints?
PSP: One to two weeks, faster if needed
OTHERS: Four weeks to (fill in the blank)

Q: Are your prints made on professional paper?
PSP: Always
OTHERS: That depends on (fill in the blank)

Q: Do you shoot on location?
PSP: We love it - name your favorite place
OTHERS: No, or only for a Big Bucks session fee

It's not a secret formula, just a winning one, for everyone involved.
We are honored to be your photographer.


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